I use ubuntu for my operating system

d15I use ubuntu for my main operating system. Its like MS Windows, but in my opinion, better. Its free!

It can be downloaded here.

To make it usable for me, I had to do a few things.

  • I installed automatix2, which although a great way to mess up your system, it includes allot of helpful things that are not installed with the default O/S. Some features are codec support, ntfs file system mounter (lets you use write to ntfs partitioned drives) NDISWrapper, which allows the use of windows drivers for devices such as wifi cards.
  • I installed beryl, (aka Compiz Fusion, which will be installed by default in this coming October release of ubuntu) with the emerald theme manager. It basically adds higher quality desktop effects. Not necessary, but certainly more enjoyable. Download my personal emerald theme here. And here are my beryl settings. To install beryl, open termanal and type ” sudo synaptic” then search for “beryl” in synaptic and basically install anything that has beryl in the title, including emerald and emerald themes. No need to install the development files. You’ll also want to install the beryl-manager. To load beryl every time you login the system, go to System>Preferences>Sessions (like startup manager for windows) and add a new task called beryl, with the command “beryl-manager”, without the quotes.
  • Two good guides to Terminal (like the command or “dos” prompt in windows) are this one for learning navigation. And this one, which will teach you how to install using terminal.